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What no one tells you about blogging

I shared my story here how I ended up starting a blog again.

Of course, I’ve made lots of research before and after deciding to change paths, and I have figured many things that I’d found not a word about anywhere around at the how-to-blog blogs. These, added to my previous experience as a blogger make a massive list of must-knows about blogging that blogger-tutors don’t tell you.

What no one tells you about blogging

1.  If you never had a blog before, first I would definitely go with a free platform. Free may know the things automatically for what in self-host you need a plugin.  To set that up is fast and painless whereas to set up your self-hosted site can be more challenging. And I’m not talking about installing WP. That is 5 sec – literally. But that’s the easiest part. The rest depends on how techie you are. But you’ll have a lot of setting-ups to do. (Installing ftp/sftp server, choose the right theme, get through the jungle of millions of plugins, and the list goes on and on.) Launching with a free platform is much less time-consuming and stressing if you are a total newbie. You can transit your free blog to self-host any time later!

2. Also, I haven’t seen any posts on revealing that how time-consuming blogging is. You become a full-time blogger much before you start to earn a full-time income! Simply because if you want to make an income out of your blog and you have the right mindset to do so, you will put in it full-time work-hours! It comes with your goals and mindset inevitably. I detail all the things I’m referring to in this post.

3. Only a few of the how-to-blog bloggers tell you that the success of your blog depends very little on how you technically set it up. They always say it’s easy. (See point 1.) It much more depends on your mindset, your skills, and readiness to learn and learn and learn again. Your strategies and systems will determine your success. To set them right you need all these three again: mindset, honed skills and readiness to learn.

4. Also only a few talks about the ups and downs, the emotional roller-coaster that it can be. The fact that failing then standing up and go on anyway or start over again is necessary. It is not a straight way up to success, it can be pretty steep. You sometimes need to fight. You need perseverance and consistency. 

5. The fight is easier if you have set goals and well-thought plans. Even then point 4. can happen but it will be easier to stand up and go on or start over. It is essential. Without well-written goals and plans, success is really dubious. There are great resources and planners around the web. But I feel the need to emphasize that these are the cornerstones of your blogging carrier.

6. I have hardly heard about the importance of focusing on the right things. Your goal. Your detailed plan. I mean, what is your goal? To be an influencer, or to drive huge traffic to your site. Yes, I know you can’t be an influencer without traffic. But which one is the focal point? If it’s getting the traffic to your site then you’re mistaken. That’s only the tool to reach your goal. Choose well your focus point!

7. What you certainly will never get anywhere is the overall picture. That’s again something that you have to work out for yourself! And that’s the hardest part. There are great places to learn about branding, traffic, creating content, social platforms, graphics and a lot of absolutely essential things. (I’ll give my recommendations.) But so far I found no place where you can get at least most of it in a bunch. You have to put it together for yourself. Well, and that takes us back to point 2.

8. And the most important: There is no surefire way to success. After reading hundreds of posts, newsletters and sale-funnels, taking several courses, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are tons of ways to success, but not two are the same. Yes, many bloggers make a huge or even bigger success. Financially too. And even more fail. You can dive deep into and analyze and find recipes both for success and failure but you’ll never find THE recipe. You can get only tips which roads to try, which ones to ditch, but the thing that will finally work for you, you have to find for yourself.

We can always add to the list. But no one can tell you everything you should know before starting a blog. to find more food for thoughts you may visit my Pinterest board: Start a blog! I only pin those posts here that I have read and found useful and informative and don’t suck you in the big 6 figure-contest. Check them out for yourself! (If you click on individual pins you see, it’ll take you straight to the pin. To see the whole board click “Follow on Pinterest”.)

Please, tell me what are the things you figured out for yourself because nobody told you before, or you got only a small hint. What advice would you give to a blogger-newbie?

Have a nice day! 🙂

PS: Here is a post that will also tell you the reality about starting a blog. If I find more similar posts I will link them here. Because I’m dedicated to letting people know about the reality of blogging! 

If you have links like this too, please share them in the comment section or send them to me!

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