The Best Family Keepsake Christmas Ornament Ideas

I have a collection of creative Family Keepsake Christmas Ornament ideas. I wish I knew these ideas when we started our family!

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Keepsake collections

My first favorite is an album to collect all your keepsake ornaments’ photos and stories.

I think this is a brilliant idea because anything can happen to those unique ornaments, especially to fragile ones, and there are some you will give to your children to take it with them when they grow up. If you keep an album like this, you can hold the memory of all family ornaments and show them to your grandchildren one day. (Sorry, with teens in the house I can feel that the time is not that far  away at all!)

Maybe a written collection of Family Christmas Traditions would fit in there too.

Family keepsake ornament album.
Have a keepsake of your family ornaments.
Keepsake sack

You can buy a cute little, personalized keepsake sack to store all the ornaments you intend to collect for your child. This is an excellent wrap to hand it over in when the time comes to stand their own trees.

Christmas keepsake sack.
Collect the special ornaments for your child in a personalized sack.

Marriage keepsake ornaments

These cute ornaments are to be there on your first Christmas tree as a married couple. They come in all style and shape; you just have to choose the one that fits you best.

Mr&Mrs wooden ornament.
A keepsake for the year of your marriage.
Our first Christmas Ornament.
First Christmas ornament as a couple.

New Home keepsake ornaments

A cute way of making memories of New Homes by making or ordering personalized Christmas ornaments as a keepsake. The options are endless.

First Christmas in new a home ornament.
First Christmas in a new home ornament
Wood Slice ornament for New Home
Wood Slice ornament for New Home

I love the Key idea too.

New home key ornament.
Key ornament for New Home.

Baby’s first keepsake ornaments

I have my children’s early baby stuff like ID bracelets, hair, and different small keepsakes I can’t get rid of. I should put them in an ornament like this. It’s a great way to pass them on to them.

Baby's first Christmas ornament.
Baby’s first keepsake ornament.
First Christmas handprint ornament
Handprint ornament for baby’s first Christmas

For this one, I could find no resource, so it’s from my Pinterest board: Save a slice of the tree trunk and apply finish to remember your baby’s first holiday season. This is also great as an annual Christmas Ornament.

Wooden slice ornament.
Slice from your tree to become an ornament.

Keepsake ornaments for children

I love this one. You make such a cute little box and write a letter about that year, or just the sweetest memory you shared, to put in it each year. Well, the best if you make a box and pen your thoughts for each of your children individually. I believe it is worth the effort.

Letterbox Christmas ornament
Letterbox for your child

In these accordion paged  Mini Albums you may journal about the highlights of the Holidays. A lovely way of keeping memories.

You can make one for each of your children, and they can write or draw themselves their own highlights. An ornament for everyone to make a keepsake of the season.

Mini album journal ornament
Mini album Journal ornaments

I love the idea of time capsules. It has the same purpose as the letterbox. Maybe less personal. You can do any or each.

Time capsule Christmas ornament
Time capsule ornament

This one is even better. We have a similar system in a nice jar. All year long we put the notes in the pot and open it at New Year’s Eve. Great gratitude-party!

Time capsule ornament with notes
Time capsule ornament with notes

This is so simple but meaningful and personal. I will definitely make some.

Wooden cube photo ornament diy
Wooden cube family ornaments

Family Keepsake Ornaments

In those years when you have a change in your family, and you want to make a memory of it, you can create or order a sweet ornament like this, personalized for your family.

If we had one for each year when we welcomed a new addition to our family, I would now have at least 9 of these. 🙂 Each of my children could take one with him/her.

Personalized ceramic family ornament
Family ornament

I love everything wood, and they perfectly fit in the ornament rules in our house: they must not be fragile. There are fantastic techniques to transfer photos on wood, but simple adhering works too. The point is: make your family keepsake ornament!

Wood Slice Family photo ornament
Wood Slice Family photo ornament

I love this idea. This is a keepsake you will definitely keep for yourself and won’t pass it on. Your grandchildren will love to see their parent’s handprint of childhood. (Sorry again! I keep running forward.)

Special handprinted tree skirt
Special handprinted tree skirt

I like this even better, but once again: I couldn’t find a resource for this one either other than Pinterest.

Special handprinted tree skirt
Ours would look like something like this. 🙂

The last one, for now, is my favorite. You must click over to get the whole idea and a full tutorial too!!! If there is only one pic you click on, this should be it. Have fun! 🙂

Christmas Photo Ornaments
Christmas Photo Ornaments

I can’t say I have told everything in the matter I wanted to, but I’m working on an extensive collection of such brilliant ideas and Christmas traditions. It will be available for free if you sign up for my newsletter in November. Right when Halloween is over, and you can focus on Christmas. 😉

In the meantime come back for more great Holiday ideas and tips to be a purposeful mom!

Have a nice day! 🙂

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