Resources for New Bloggers

Everything you see here is a FREE resource to heép you build your blog. They’re all worth the time you put into it. Most of the courses will offer a paid version with more content at the end. My advice is that before deciding about paying for a course anytime anywhere, you take the free offer to see if it’s well-invested money. The free offers tell you a lot and prevent regret. Start with these!


Best free resources for new bloggers


Best Courses
  • Kristin at

Kristin’s free video course is about making graphics mistakes. I learned a ton. I highly recommend her! She is just about to launch her paid course. I’m sure it is worth the investment.

  • Maya at

The Lead Magnet course that teaches you how to strategize before jumping into creating lead magnets. Going through this e-mail series will give a lot of sense to things you probably already know just haven’t quite clicked yet.

  • Suzi at

The Blog Plan with Suzi is a fundamental course for real starters or wanna-be-bloggers, puts the puzzle pieces into place. It is a half video, half written course, really short to tackle (within an hour), so just roll in and learn!

  • Ana at

Ana has several different courses. What I took, therefore I can recommend the free affiliate video course. It is a very basic course. I also signed up for her resource library. It is great, and she writes insightful newsletters too.

  • Scrivs at BBC renamed DTC

One of the first e-mail courses I took and also recommend you should start with is Scrivs’ 12-day Blogging Bootcamp. He has a different style and approach than most of the bloggers. He will help you to find the right mindset about blogging. The subtitle to his Bootcamp is “Learn what it takes to blog for a living.” It’s not about technical how-tos but about mental. His newsletters also have valuable information and advice if you like or learn to put up with his straightforward style.

  • McKinzie at

McKinzie’s free Pinterest Primer is a good fundamental course. She also has tons of other free and paid resources and a very active FB community. You can learn a lot from her. Go for it!


Best Newsletters and Podcasts
  • Carly Campbell at

She has the kind of newsletters I want to open and read straight away. She is inspiring, truly knows her business, gives invaluable advice and information, and her personality has built an impressive community in her FB group.

  • Ruth Soukup at

She has plenty of offers on her blog for you to sign up. Courses, planners, printables.

She has a very inspiring podcast, the Do It Scared. It’s worth the time.

Her blogging related knowledge is shared at the Elit Blog Academy. People say it’s one of the bests courses. When she has a free webinar just sign up for it! It is well worth it.

Just head over to her and pick those that you need!

  • Melyssa Griffin at

When signing up for her Blog Business Plan Workbook, you get access to a huge and very useful free resource library. Check out all the opportunities at her site!

  • Kayla at

She’s got one of the richest resource collection both free and paid on signing up for her newsletter. You wouldn’t want to miss the courses, stock photo piles, and all the goodies that help to build your blog.

  • Kristie at

I signed up for her Pinterest Dashboard for Google Analytics by a pin on Pinterest, and ever since I get newsletters from her time to time. I find it resourceful, insightful – overall useful. If you want to have a better understanding of Pinterest traffic to your blog, you need her dashboard too. It comes with clear instructions.


Best Facebook Groups
  • The Blogging like we mean it is Carly Campbell’s group. It is the most active group and an awesome community.
  • The Simple Pin Pinterest Strategy Group is Kate Ahl’s group. This support group is to learn about Pinterest. It is full of up to date information and advice – the best place for pinners.
  • The Ivory mix group is Kayla’s group. Perfect for promotion, collaborating, and inspiration.


Best Platforms to Learn Blogging

There is free support at most of the platforms you use for building your blog. Here are those I’ve found the most valuable.

  • CovertKit help center. You don’t have to be their customer to reach all the articles, videos or some webinars. Learn with them!
  • ConvertKit has one more great resource, the Tradecraft. You have to sign up for these, but it is well worth it.
  • The Tailwind blog also a great resource of up to date information if you want master Pinterest and Tailwind. Many times I find the needed information there.
  • Pinterest help center is the place when you want to understand the changes that suddenly appear on Pinterest or if you want to figure out what this visual search engine prefers.
  • Best Tools to build your blog

    This section of the page contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through them, I will get a small referral fee, and you will be supporting me and my blog at no extra cost to you, so thank you!
    Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite   The #1 Writing Tool  

    I keep adding to this page. Check back from time to time!





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