Gift guide with the 3-gift-rule for the whole Family

First, I have to complete my post about our Family Christmas Traditions.  We have a very important gifting tradition that we do whenever we have the chance to do more than just shoeboxes (Tradition #9). We use this special gift-rule to keep Christmas simple and frugal even at better times, and it works very well for us.

Other gifting rules

There are many different traditions and rules that families use to control Christmas gifting. Like the

  • handmade-gift-rule: Instead of buying gifts you make them – with love.
  • 4-gift-rule: You give something that they want, something they need, something they wear, and something they read. These can overlap each other and make it less than four presents.
  • experience/vacation-gift-rule: More and more families choose to give some experience or a vacation for Christmas. This is a very thoughtful idea and may vary from tickets to the zoo or a museum to paying for swimming lessons, spas, cruises – or anything that the family is up to. A brilliant form of this is the 12 months of date tickets for the kids. We will probably implement this idea as Birthday Gifts.

Our Christmas gifting rule

We traditionally apply the 3-gift-rule in our Family. I found this awesome idea on my earliest blogging journey, about 10 years ago. Another blogger shared the idea then, but I still hardly find an article about it, although I think this is the BEST idea to keep gifting under control. The 3-gift-rule is based on the three presents Jesus got from the Wise Men: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

The short guide to the 3-gift-rule

GOLD represents something of great value. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something expensive. It’s supposed to be something that our children would consider to be precious and special.

FRANKINCENSE represents spirituality. Frankincense was burned in the temple as a part of worship. With this gift, we may obey the Lord and teach our children His way, feeding their souls and minds. This gift should build their faith. Bible, devotion, book, journal, workbooks, etc.

MYRRH represents something for the body. The Wise Men brought this gift to Jesus in preparation for his death. Our bodies need the care just like our heart and spirit. It can be anything that their bodies need. Clothes, accessories, toiletry, etc.

Let’s see some examples for the 3-gift-rule.

Gift guides applying the 3-gift-rule

Gift Guide for Teen Girls

Gift Guide for Teen Girls

gift guide for teenage boys/

Gift Guide for Teen Boys

Gift Guides for the Family

Gift Guide for the Family

Ps: I keep adding my gift guides to this post.

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