Brainbook review – The best guide to start a Bullet Journal

This is a review of Kalyn Brooke’s Brainbook, an e-book about Bullet Journaling.

I recommend reading this review
    • If you are getting acquainted with the idea of bullet journaling
    • If you are considering to start a Bullet Journal,
  • If you have a BuJo but struggle to bring the most out of it
  • If you had a Bullet Journal at some point and now consider to restart
  • If you just need some tips and encouragement to overcome any issues to keep going with your BuJo

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Kalyn Brooke Brainbook - a review

 Getting to know Brainbook

After writing about the idea of teaching teens to Bullet Journal, and linking to a brilliant post about how to start a Bullet Journal, the creators of that blog reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in working with them as an affiliate for their e-book on starting a Bullet Journal. After a couple of e-mails, I ended up with Brainbook on my IPad to read and see if it is as good as the post that I’d recommended. Now I can tell you: it surely is!

What do you find in Brainbook?

Brainbook is well structured, easy to read, simple and gets straight to the point. Kalyn introduces the system in a very simple, understandable way, recommends different but essential tools you need, and leads you through the process of setting up a Bullet Journal step by step. To help you get started you’ll find highly effective worksheets to plan YOUR BuJo. Along the way, she gives you lots of practical advice to avoid overwhelmShe also offers some advanced tips and tricks to implement for the time when you are used to the system and mastered the basics.

It’s like a handbook: whenever you need advice and ideas or are ready to step to the next level or want to migrate to your next journal, if you need to find some inspiration or encouragement, pull out the Brainbook! Jump to the right page and you’ll find it easier to keep going with your Bullet Journal at once.

I like that she shares lots of pictures of her own Bullet Journal all over in the book. They are inspiring and full of great ideas too, showcasing that functionality and simplicity are as attractive as creativity. That focusing on the important things will not make your BuJo less lovable than those artistic, gorgeous and highly creative pages you see all over Pinterest and Instagram.

In the Appendix, among other things, you’ll find practical help to correct mistakes, a list of collection ideas, and even a migration worksheet.

Kalyn Brooke Brainbook - Bundle

What’s in the Bundle?

In the Bundle, in addition to the book, you may find printables of different layouts, logs, and trackers, which will save you time and work, and help you deal with a less quality notebook too. They are still customizable, so using printables won’t make your BuJo less yours. I think you also may use them as templates and copy in your journal. My favorite piece of the bundle is the “Doable designs” – a brilliant collection of lettering and doodling ideas. It is truly a great help for such a non-artistic person like me. 

For whom I recommend Brainbook?

Basically, if you are new to Bullet Journaling – even if you have already set up, you can benefit from Brainbook. Restarters – like I was a few months ago – may find it useful too. Also if you struggle a bit with the system here and there but want to stick to it, you’ll be encouraged and get practical tips in Kalyn’s book. If you are migrating between journals, you can find great tips and ideas to make a smooth transfer. The only case you wouldn’t benefit enough from Brainbook is if you are a pro bullet journalist with more experience than Kalyn has.

Ultimately, if you are searching to find your own ways to plan and organize your life, get the Brainbook, so you don’t have to cut the jungle for yourself, but find the best way right away. Kalyn helps you to set things up with great efficiency. You will much less likely make rookie mistakes.

Brainbook - A step by step guide to set up your Bullet Journal

The benefits for me

Kalyn emphasizes that functionality is more important than creativity. Knowing this and acting accordingly is not the same. I eagerly nodded when reading this statement over and over again, but it was only by the end of the book that I realized: although I know this principle and thought I was implementing it, in reality, I was far from it. Reading Brainbook changed my way of Bullet Journaling: made it more simple, more effective, and also encouraged me to embrace all my mistakes and keep doing and improving anyway. As I’ve stated before: I know this is the best way to organize my life efficiently and I’m determined to keep it up, so I needed the encouragement and tips I found in Kalyn’s book. Now I may see my efficiency growing and have the opportunity to teach my younger ones a lot easier since they’ve asked for it. 🙂


My final conclusion is that if I’d have read it when decided to start my Bullet Journal, I would have avoided many of the mistakes and struggles, and would have had a much better understanding of the bullet journal system. Probably I would have also solved the one drawback I’ve been struggling with about my Bullet Journal, right at the beginning: putting in more time than I have. I’ve realized that I don’t have to. It was my choice. Now I choose another way that takes less time.

With Brainbook you are set to succeed at bullet journaling and organizing your life your own way.

The price is friendly regarding the tremendous help it may give you. Since you will put more money into purchasing the supplies, you would want to do it the best you can, so Brainbook is definitely worth the investment to help you with that. 

Happy Bullet Journaling! 🙂

Dear Kalyn and Joseph, 

Thank you for reaching out to me, giving me the opportunity to work with you and learn from you. You are such an inspiration to me! God bless you!

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