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The Big Why

We’ve hit bottom. Not for the first time and quite probably not for the last. These are the times when I have to decide if I stay there or get up and fight for the better. I must admit there were times when it took me far too long to get going again. When I was broken to the core. But eventually, I always get up and fight. I have a great husband to fight for. I have a bunch of amazing kids to fight for. They are the reason I keep going. All.The.Time. They are worth it.

Pinterest and me

A little random fact about me: I love Pinterest. Period. I’d had a personal account from the very start of Pinterest. I’d always used it as a hobby for my own pleasure, to collect the things I found on the net and liked, or to research for the actual project I was working on. Pinterest has been my #1 search engine on specific topics.

No wonder that when searching for ways to win this most recent fight over severe financial struggles I ran to Pinterest. And no wonder I found tons of ideas that promised to solve the problem. It took not long to find pins like “Make money on Pinterest without a blog.” Having had several blogs and sites years back, I knew how time-consuming blogging is, and I didn’t feel ready to jump back on the blog-train again. But I use Pinterest regularly, and I love it, so for me, it seemed obvious I should go this way. If Pinterest can do the trick for me, that’s the best.

Learning Affiliate Marketing 

I read posts, took free courses, learned how to transform into a business-pinner. I learned a lot along the way and figured out even more for myself. Applied to affiliate networks who accept advertisers without a blog, got declined a few times and once finally got accepted – to my big surprise. So I started exploring affiliate marketing. Without a blog. To get no results. Nothing. No surprise, huh? I have to tell you that those who promote this route, DO have blogs!!! (I bet you are not surprised.)

What I figured: maybe with more persistence and consistency I could make some progress and finally get somewhere very small. My Pinterest has started to grow slowly after all. So maybe. There is a chance. But I have no time for the slower route, and that small won’t be enough either. I realized that to establish the much-needed credibility that is essential for affiliate marketing and to speed things up a bit I HAVE TO start a blog. I wrote down my pros and cons. I unsubscribed from those useless newsletters that pushed the stuff I’d seen not working to be able to focus on the new direction: to start a well-planned, goal-scoring, purposeful blog.

(I owe the disclosure to these bloggers that I have learned a lot about Pinterest with them, but nothing – I mean NOTHING apart from some technical stuff – about affiliate marketing itself. Their underlying assumption and their “methods” just simply don’t work for me.)


Taking up the challenge

I researched the blog-for-money corner of Pinterest, and I must tell you I found all kinds of posts and free courses on the scale from useless to brilliant. (I don’t have a view on paid courses yet because I have to earn the price they cost before I could take any. But I certainly see where I’ll settle for one and where I won’t.) I have learned a lot. My earlier experience as a blogger and the things I’ve learned and figured out recently are enough for me to return to the blogging world. I’m aware of what I’m taking on. The seriousness of becoming a WAHM instead of a SAHM. I’m continually working on mastering my “new job.” The way I’m fighting for my family’s financial stability.

But that’s not the only fight I’m taking on for them. I fight to be better as a wife, a mother and a homemaker too. The essence and the very best things in my life. Those things that you can read about if you stay with me. Parenting, family and homemaking – and anything that fits into these topics. I hope that if your life revolves around these beautiful things too, or you’re thinking about starting a blog, you will stay or return and share your experience and struggles with me.

One more question to answer

If you read my About me page, you may ask: why am I writing in English?

The answer is simple but has three main points.

  1. I love English. I’m passionate about it. English is the only thing I never stopped using and improving in the last 20 years.
  2. See my Pinterest Analytics? My Pinterest audience is – let’s say – English-speaking people. First I want to reach THEM with my blog too. Part of my strategy.

    My audience
    Demographics – My Pinterest Analytics 09/2018
  3. And then lastly there is a general fact: in English, I may reach a significantly wider audience. Also a part of my strategy.
What you can read about here
  • This is only the beginning of my blogging story, but I’ll keep you updated. So more blogging related posts are coming up. I’ll need reviews, and you may learn from my results and mistakes and struggles.
  • Pinterest is an awesome thing. I will tell you my experience with it as a blogger and give you some useful tips as well – free!!!
  • Setting goals as a mother and how to reach them.
  • Teaching your kids to live a purposeful life and staying connected to them.
  • Building and nurturing your relationship with your husband. Purposefully.
  • Organizing your family’s life, and making the best of it.
  • Home decor in and out, up and down and everywhere. That is my passion.  😳
  • For home decor and kids, you’ll find some craft and diy as well.

Check my Pinterest about these topics already!

Have a nice day! 🙂

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Hi! I'm Kamilla, a wife to a wonderful man and mom of 10 amazing little people. We're raising 7 girls and 3 boys, aged from newborn to 16-year-old. I love our journey of parenting and busy myself with creating the Home we've been dreaming of for too long. I share my ups and downs to help you with your journey of parenthood and my researches on building a home.

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