Author: Kamilla

Hi! I'm Kamilla, a wife to a wonderful man and mom of 10 amazing little people. We're raising 7 girls and 3 boys, aged from newborn to 16-year-old. I love our journey of parenting and busy myself with creating the Home we've been dreaming of for too long. I share my ups and downs to help you with your journey of parenthood and my researches on building a home.
simple bullet journal layout
Bullet Journal

Teach your teen to Bullet Journal!

I love Bullet Journaling because I’m able to experiment and find the best ways of planning that fit my needs. So can my daughters for their needs.

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Everyone needs a strong family.

How to build a strong and happy family?

Everyone wants to have a strong family. Everyone needs a strong family. But it does not just happen. You have to work on it, fight for it. You have to be intentional about it.

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gorgeous raspberry

Do It Your Way! – DIYW

I came to the conclusion, that in ALL things there is a “your way.” What is best for someone out in the world, is not at all sure to be the best for you.

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mommy love is all your child needs

Be the mom you always wanted to be!

None of us was born to be a perfect mom. To become the mom we want to be is a lifelong journey. There are a few principles you might want to follow.

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