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How I started my blog the frugal way

I shared my story here how I ended up starting a blog again. Now I’ll tell you how I’m starting my blogging journey this time. It is going to be a pretty out-of-the-box story, and it may deserve your attention if you are skeptical about all the “how-to-start-a-blog-in-15-minutes” type of posts all around the web.

First things first

Well, after making my decision about returning to the blog world I started to research how to blog if I have business purposes. I had to find the best posts, courses, webinars – anything that is right out there FOR FREE! Yeah, I know it’s awful even to think about, but I’ve had not a dime for starting a blog, and certainly not for learning how to blog. I was determined to start the blog for free, though I was aware that with my goals it’s insane. That’s what I read everywhere: you can set up a business blog only on self-host. But I learned that technically you CAN start a business blog on free platforms! I’ve even found blogs that do that. Not making 5-7 figures, of course, but that’s not my goal either. So I was ready to go for it, even started to set up my free blog, planning to monetize it.

(Some bloggers tell you black and white that you cannot monetize on a free platform, based on who knows what. That is not true! In my variant it means they haven’t researched the topic, only wrote something as their interest wants – i.e., to sell their affiliate-host. For me they are the not-to-return-here bloggers because they may be misleading on other things too.)

Free or not free? 

At some point, I figured that even if I use a free platform, I can use it with a custom domain. That’s an easy go. Checking my budget, I decided that I might try to buy a domain. Then I found Namecheap. Diving into their site I found several affordable hosting plans too. In addition to the reasonable price, I was delighted to see that I don’t have to pay for a whole year but only for a month! This way it is affordable, even for me.

So before jumping into it blindly in excitement, I searched for opinions on Namecheap’s hosting. I was not surprised to find that they are not popular among business bloggers though they are not bad! I found this comparison post pretty credible. So I decided to go with them instead of the free. Still not the best jump-start according to experts, but my blog won’t go viral overnight anyway. Yet it probably fits better into my strategy.

I have to add to the story that although I was ready to pay the original price for the domain and hosting plan, in the end with a coupon, I spent the THIRD of the final price. Thank you, Namecheap for supporting my blog! 🙂

So far so good

There is one thing so far which is bothering me since setting up my site, but I don’t know if it’s to do anything with my host or something else. I did not experience this years ago with a different host, so I’m not sure. I get a lot of spam bots to subscribe to my site even after turning off the possibility to sign up for everyone. Nothing else, not the e-mail list or the feed, only the website. So it can be a WP bug, but I don’t know. I have safety plugins. Maybe I should ask my host?! Probably they could help. While setting up, I had them help me with a minor problem, and I give them a big 5 for their swift and convenient help. So far they are so good. (My earlier sites didn’t have this problem, but one of the main reasons I shut them down was that they all got severely hacked and my then-host couldn’t help me to solve the problem for weeks!!! Actually, they never got back up.)

A word of warning – little off

Okay, the thing is that I didn’t apply to affiliate with them at this point because I want to know them better before promoting them responsibly. But! I did install viglink on my site, and it automatically turns my links into affiliate links, where it can. Because I don’t know yet how it works exactly, I would rather warn you: you may find affiliate links here in this post. Which means: If you purchase anything through them, I will get a small referral fee and you will be supporting me and my blog at no extra cost to you, so thank you!

The journey begins

So I set up my brand new blog – if I’m not mistaken, it’s my 6th, 4th self-hosted. The first I’m creating with the intention of monetizing. So in a sense, it’s still a new field. The next steps I took are described in this post in detail. You might have seen already. After going live, I claimed my blog on Pinterest. Got approved pretty fast and enabling rich pins wasn’t less quickly at all. So I began to drive traffic to my blog…

And the story will continue from here because I have only two days of statistics, which are not bad but not enough to report an overnight success.  😉

To be continued…

I need your advice

I would appreciate any information on Facebook groups. Is it worth to join them? If so, which ones would you recommend? Thank you for every input! I’ll decide on creating an FB account after getting more insights.

Have a nice day! 🙂

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