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Kamilla @ fighting4goals

Welcome here! I’m Kamilla.

If you’re searching for encouragement and help for setting and reaching your goals, you are at the right place. If you want to grow in your relationship with your spouse and children, organize your family life efficiently and raise independent and confident young adults, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are busy to improve and decorate your home, constantly searching for budget-friendly DIY ideas, money-saving and – raising tips because you live a frugal life, you’ll find what you are looking for here. I’m pretty sure around Christmas you’ll also find everything here you need, to prepare for the season without getting overwhelmed.

If you are curious which way shall we go in these topics check out my Pinterest, and follow me if you like what you see!

This blog is for you if you are a busy mom with a few or a lot of kids under toe, and searching for ways to bring the best out of yourself.

It is for you if you love homemaking, decorating, crafting and are ready to Do It Yourself.

It is for you if you’ve been searching for ways to provide for your family. The world of money-making and how-to-blog blogs is soooo messy and hyped and overwhelming. It’s very hard to get through and find the best and most useful tips. But I’ve been cutting my way in the jungle, so I can redirect you to the places where you really should search. I won’t tell you how to start a blog, but I will tell you about blogging what nobody tells you. Literally: no one. Also, I’ll share my Pinterest experiences to help you use it intentionally. It’s fun to learn Pinterest!

I hope each time you visit me, you’ll walk away from my place with food for thoughts or a good practical idea that you can implement, and always get encouraged to fight for your goals. They’re worth it!

The reason I write about these things is that my life revolves around my family and my home each and every day. These are the things I evolve in even if I’m not intentional about them. So I’ve learned that setting up goals and fighting for them and growing into the person I’m meant to be is worth every effort. Messing around has no much result. Life is too short for that, and I need to raise 9 – soon 10 – kids to start their lives on the best basis. They are on their ways to become great people – even though I mess up. I have the experience to share and encourage you to believe that your kids are the best and you are the best for them!

We’ve been in the home building process for the 6th times in the past 16 years. We always had to swap as growth and change came to our life. So turning a house into a home is an all-time-challenge for me, especially that I had to learn to do it in the very frugal way. This is the final project we dived into and the most challenging of all times. I can hardly wait to finish, but I can’t see the end of the road yet. I have plenty of thoughts on home-creating too, and I’d love to share the best ideas I find on Pinterest while researching.

You can check out my boards here.

It’s funny though that I do all this in English and my favorites are from American and English culture because I live in Hungary. English is my second language, and I’m passionate about using it and teaching it to my kids. So if you find any mistake or funny phrase in my English, please feel free to correct me! I appreciate every opportunity to learn. 🙂 Just drop me a message!

I’m not quite new to the blogging world though. I had blogs back then when most people – including me – did it as a hobby and only a few used to build businesses. I wrote in my native language, in Hungarian. So the technical part and community-building aren’t unknown to me. But to write in English, with a business mindset is new. I’m absolutely not the business type. Well, I wasn’t. I’m learning. Because to reach our goals  I need to help my husband to provide for our growing family the only way I can. It’s going to be a tough fight but every second is worth it. So this blog has its goals while it is also a tool to reach my goals. Time to score!

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